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The Writing Famine

Colette apologizes, Grace - the original author of this post - has been temporarily removed from this post. Mostly due to the fact that she was not writing anything. Which might have been the point. Since the page is titled "Writing Famine" the page may have been meant to experience a famine of words. In which case it ought to be blank. So Colette will stop writing and allow the page to properly experience a writing famine. There will be no more words.

Colette couldn't do it. She has thought of another topic for this page - what if it was supposed to be about the lack of writers, or about writer's block?
If so, the page cannot be blank!
So she had to write this.
She is also aware that Hannah has covered this topic, and she was talking about the lack of creativity. So, as Jo said: we are forgetful people and need to be reminded of things. Therefore Colette will remind you that you never know, if you feel there is a lesson the world can be taught through your writing, please do not worry too much about how creative your piece is. 
Just write it.
Now about writer's block - the sudden disappearance of words and ideas - there is no discovered cure for this. All you can really do is re-read what you've written, read lots of books, go places, and hope inspiration will strike. 
And then write.
Colette apologizes she said there would be no more words.
 "So sorry."

Grace (the original author of this post),
Colette (the invader of this post), and
Germaine (the editor of this post)

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