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Thinking Up Ideas for Writing

I admit it. I am the sort of person who uses the situation they are in to help them think up a solution. I was trying to think up an idea for what to write about in my first blog… so I ended up resolving my problem by writing about thinking up ideas for writing.   

What is there to write about for thinking up ideas for writing? What to write? What to write? Okay, I’ll stop with the irony now.

To write a good story you need to be enthusiastic about it. How to be enthusiastic?
  1. Write in a genre you really like (You do not have to do this but it often helps to build enthusiasm).
  2. Think up an idea(s) you think is good. (Then you will be excited about it).

Well, the first one is easy but thinking up an idea is far easier to say than do. I know it first hand. My plots take months and months to plan sometimes. I cannot exactly think up ideas for everyone who wants to do a story. So, I’ll advise you on ways you can think up ideas.
  1. Write something that you would like to read.
  2. Write a story on something that you’re an expert on. e.g. if you love and know lots about dragons, do that.
  3. Use writing prompts.
  4. Look around you for inspiration. e.g. take walks, observe the human race,... In summary, use your eyes.

Not everyone comes up with ideas from those ways. There are many more but those are just the major ones.

Hope this was helpful 😁

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