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Why Shouldn't One Kill Flies?

DO NOT KILL FLIES. You may have read that in the ‘about us’ section under my name and been confused. I am going to explain myself and my reasoning. I have a strong belief that flies should not be harmed or killed, they are cute and friendly. Yes I did keep a pet fly. Why should you not kill flies?
    Firstly, they are cute. Have you looked at one closely and observed? They are tiny and delicate. Things people think are cute often include big eyes, and have you seen the size of fly eyes?!? The eye-to-head ratio is more than Baby Dory!!!
     For my next reason, I'm going to look at the opposing side: why should one kill flies? People usually answer one of three ways, 1) they spread disease 2) they contaminate food 3) there's like a million of them.
     Well, guess what? Humans spread disease too! And lots of other animals. Just look at all the sicknesses that came from Europe, brought by people, and affected the persons who lived in the Americas. Far more death than is caused by flies.
     And they contaminate food, huh? So do DOGS and people don't go around shooting dogs. They are forgiven, and flies are killed for doing less. Dogs steal food too, they don't just land on it, and people BRING DOGS INTO THEIR HOMES.
     Finally, there's like a BILLION people and while I am fully aware flies aren't made in the image of God, there's also millions of dogs and other such animals, whose deaths we cry over. Yes, flies have shorter life spans, I don't cry over fly deaths EVERY time, but I will try to prevent their death if it is needless by human cruelty. LONG LIVE FLIES!
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