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Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Writing. Words. Worlds. Scribbles. Languages. Imaginations.
(This bit is entirely random, you may ignore it if you wish.)

This post is for everyone who says they are too busy to write - I plead guilty - so let me tell you (and myself) that being too busy to write is impossible! All you have to do is carry around a pen or pencil or writing device and paper or a notebook - if you'd rather write in there - then stop somewhere - it can be in the car for all I care - and start scribbling words.

Please don't tell me you walk to school or never sit down for a break from something or that you never ever have 1 minute or less when you are doing absolutely nothing. Because you will get an extremely skeptical, maybe even confuddled - or if I'm really shocked, a conbafflated look.

For those who don't know, confuddled is confused and something else, and conbaffleated is confused, baffled and frustrated all at once.

You can write when you're sitting in the car, you can write during any break you might get - unless it's a 10 second or so break, because then you don't really have time to do much other than take out the writing device and writing surface. But I highly doubt that someone would give you a 10 second break.

Actually I don't know how long it takes to get out a writing surface and device because it will vary, for example it would take longer with a notebook because you have to open it and find a blank page. And a mechanical pencil or pen might take off extra seconds by having to open the cap or press the button thing.

My point being that you can write at any time - unless you only write on the computer, that's a different matter all together. If you have paper and a writing device go ahead and scribble. I can't promise people won't be annoyed - the hazards of writing in front of company is again another topic - but if the person is ok with you writing, then write.

Write. Write. Write. Write. And... Write.

- Colette -


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