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- Megan -


I remember when I was falling, like they do now,

Now I fly, on the wings of my Father

But look, Lord – She's still falling

You carry me Lord, why not him? Won't you rescue her too?

They cry out, begging me to catch them,

But turn a blind eye when I point to their Maker

How, Lord, can I make this work?

I ask her, I tell him. I knock at their doors

I beg my Father to show them the light,

But no response comes from either side.

I have to do something – they continue to fall

I worry and fret, I can't just let them go!

I trust in my own strength, I reach in to grab her,

But he doesn't start flying, and now I'm tumbling too

I've filled my heart with their problems, now I can't hold on to Him

I cry out just like they do, and my Maker comes again

He's taught me a lesson, and now I have learned

That it isn't my job, to carry their load

The I AM is the one who carries the world

And as the Father pulls me back under His wing

I learn again to trust only Him

He knows what He's doing, even if it seems wrong to my eyes

And though they're still falling, I know now how to help

I keep myself planted in the One Who Holds me,

And I reach out through my prayers and my words

I don't stop trying to help, I just know now how to do it

I'm just the Intercessor, as Moses was

I speak His words to her, or pray to Him on his behalf

But it's up to Him to save her, He can carry her

And someday, I pray, if it is His will,

They will fly with me, fly home forever
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