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We studied Romeo and Juliet in English, discovering the foolish protagonists and their sappy sonnets. An activity in class was to write our own, so we picked strange themes and twisted the idea of a sonnet. What we produced is as follows:

Oh, My Fair Sonnet

Oh, my fair Sonnet, how lovely art thou,
Thou tellest most flattering descriptions,
Thou entrancest me with stunning words now,
If told by others, I’d think were fiction.
Thou enchant me with thy pretty quatrains,
In which there are many wonderful rhymes.
I’d  listen always without any pains,
For leaving would be committing bad crimes.
Alas, my fairest love must leave me,
My misfortunate heart must wave goodbye.
My fair love won’t listen to any plea,
Even though this leaving makes my heart die.
Goodbye, goodbye, with a couplet you leave,
I wish for you to know how much I grieve.

By Grace

Death to Romeo

Oh Romeo, thou art Darth Sidious
We love uncovering your many faults
Delight in finding your soul hideous,
Our hate rivals the hate of late Tybalt’s
Poor Juliet, like Anakin, was caught
Was brought into the Dark Side through your love
We see with glee the poison that you bought,
For thou hast slain Juliet, the dove
Thy foolishness we truly love to hate
Day after day we bring to display our wrath
We wish to slay thee but we are too late
Our rage rivals that of our hate of math
Our hate for Romeo doth bring us joy
Upon his death glad laughs we now employ

By Brynbellion and Megasus

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